Press Releases

Grafic Opening Guangde
New plant in Guangde opened
Rheinmetall Automotive to supply electric vehicle components in China
Rheinmetall Automotive has, together with its Chinese joint venture partner HUAYU Automotive Systems (HASCO), opened yet another production location. Around 16,000 square meters, the new plant of HASCO KSPG (Guangde) Nonferrous Components Co. Ltd. is situated in Guangde in the Chinese province of Anhui, northwest of Shanghai.
Rheinmetall Automotive in South America
Own piston production base in Brazil for 50 years now
Domiciled close to São Paulo, the Brazilian piston production plant of auto-industry supplier Rheinmetall Automotive is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The first location of KS Kolbenschmidt, founded back in 1968 in Santo André, also not far from São Paulo, proved insufficiently expansible after only a few years. So, for reasons of capacity, production moved to Nova Odessa, north of São Paulo, in 1986.
KS Gleitlager
New polymer bearings for commercial vehicle engines
As a longstanding expert in plain bearings, KS Gleitlager GmbH offers a complete product folio for commercial vehicle engines. The range of materials has now been extended to include a particularly robust polymer-coated material for crankshaft main bearings, one that is specifically suited for hybrid power units with their numerous start/stop cycles and low-viscosity oils.
Grafic ZNKS China
Rheinmetall Automotive
Partner to the Chinese auto industry
China, the world's biggest commercial vehicle market, will introduce the NS 6 emission standards, which match Europe's EU 6 and thus not only impose tighter limits but also bring about a change in the engine technology used until now. A longstanding expert in state-of-the-art steel pistons for commercial vehicle engines, piston-manufacturer KS Kolbenschmidt GmbH will participate in this technological change through its Chinese licensee ZNKS (ZYNP Group).
3Q/2018 figures
Rheinmetall Automotive raises sales and operating earnings
The 3Q/2018 sales of Rheinmetall Automotive again outpaced market performance. In the period January through September, the Company generated sales of €2,199 million, a growth of 2.3 or, currency adjusted, 4.5 percent over the prior-year period. Once more, all the divisions shared in the growth which compares with the distinctly weaker 1.2-percent gain in global production of Light Vehicles.
Grafic Helmut Freiermuth Hardparts Rheinmetall Automotive
Personnel appointment
New Head of Hardparts division at Rheinmetall Automotive AG

Effective December 1, 2018, Helmut Freiermuth (60) has been appointed CEO of the Hardparts division at Rheinmetall Automotive AG. The previous interim head had been CFO Dr. Peter Neu. This temporary appointment was necessary since the previous CEO of the division had moved to the Executive Board of the Rheinmetall Group's Defence sector.

Helmut Freiermuth has many years of professional experience...

Grafic: Pierburg thermo module
New thermo module for compact refrigerant circuit
Worldwide, the auto industry is faced with the challenge of finding technical solutions for significantly reducing fuel consumption and developing energy-efficient drivelines. In order, where possible, to eliminate harmful emissions, especially in conurbations, the industry is pushing ahead with the electrification of cars as well as commercial vehicles. Pierburg GmbH has now come up with a compact, completely preassembled and pre-charged standardized refrigerant system (thermo module).
Grafic: E-motor housing Rheinmetall Automotive AG
HASCO KSPG Nonferrous components
Innovation Technology award for E-motor housing in China
The 11th International Automotive Congress 2018 held in Shanghai, which is focused on the industry hot topics as new energy vehicles, autonomous driving, intelligent and connected vehicles, and lightweight, supporting the development of the Chinese automotive industry.
Grafic Wear measurment on a special test bench
KS Kolbenschmidt
Plain bearings minimize drag down friction and wear
Permaglide bearing elements from KS Gleitlager, especially when used in system applications in commercial vehicles, stand for cost effectiveness, dependability, and longevity. Now, KS Kolbenschmidt is presenting the new, zero-lead and hence eco-friendly plain bearing family KS P240, KS P241, KS P242 and KS P243, which delivers clear benefits in terms of friction and wear as well as zero maintenance, especially in situations involving oscillating rotation and high static/dynamic loads.
Grafic Pierburg Exhaust flag
Systematic exhaust-gas treatment
Public debate on minimizing diesel emissions on both passenger and commercial vehicles is in full swing. As to the certification of real-drive emissions, a wide range of experience has been accumulated for some years now, especially for commercial vehicles. Pierburg GmbH ranks as a specialist in exhaust-gas related, eco-friendly components and offers key technologies whose several generations have proven themselves in car and commercial vehicle applications. A lead role is played by the back-pressure valve (BPV) and Pierburg has now systematically widened its modular system to accommodate the use of this versatile valve.