Environmental Protection

Rheinmetall Automotive AG is well aware of its responsibilities regarding people and the environment. Indeed, the Group's environmental stewardship principles are derived from this corporate commitment to act in an environmentally sustainable manner. The objective is to repeatedly minimize the impact of the production facilities on the environment, going beyond the minimum legal requirements in a process that takes into consideration eco-relevant factors across and along the entire value-added chain, particularly in the development of products and production processes.

At most of the German and non-German production companies alike, environmental management systems for securing environmental policy targets have been implemented and certified in accordance with the internationally accepted ISO 14001. This dedicated commitment on the part of the employees entrusted with environment-related duties promotes the broad-based environmental awareness extending throughout the Group.

In awareness of its stewardship responsibilities toward the employees and driven by its entrepreneurial responsibility, the Executive Board has committed itself to sustained and environmentally focused action.

  • Environmental stewardship as a maxim of entrepreneurial action
  • Continuous reduction in the impact of operations on the environment
  • Resources- and energy-saving products and production methods
  • Introduction and update of environmental management systems
  • Encouraging the environmental awareness of employees
  • Developing emergency precaution measures and action plans
  • Willingness to enter into public dialogue

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