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Global alliance between KS Kolbenschmidt and Riken

In 2015 KS Kolbenschmidt GmbH and Riken Corporation ("Riken"), which are both market leaders in their lines of business in piston and piston ring technologies, agreed on a global, strategic alliance concerning sales, engineering and development of piston systems.

The joint development of piston systems for light engines and heavy duty engines for automotive and industrial markets will be aligned with the reduction of CO₂ emissions, improvement of reliability and running performance, as well as reduction of total costs. Additional customer advantages will be accomplished by joint developmental and testing activities which will guarantee an optimization of piston system solutions as to friction and permanent durability.

In addition, KS Kolbenschmidt and Riken will be coordinating their regional sales activities with their technical support functions and where required, act together in order to be able to provide piston system solutions for their joint, global OEM customer base.

On the basis of an existing partnership in India, where both companies are joint-venture partners in Shriram Pistons and Rings Limited, KS Kolbenschmidt and Riken are expandingtheir partnership into China. The founded joint venture is based at Riken's existing production plant located in Wuhan, Hubei province which is currently producing piston rings for passenger cars.


About Riken

Riken Corporation is a listed company headquartered in Tokyo. Annual sales in 2014 added up to 72 billion yen. Founded in 1927, the company has an extensive product portfolio focusing on engine and motor vehicle components including piston rings, seal rings, camshafts, valve seats/lifters and chassis castings. Riken employs some 4,000 people worldwide at 10 manufacturing operations in 7 countries outside of Japan.


About Kolbenschmidt

The KS Kolbenschmidt division develops, produces and markets gasoline and diesel engine pistons for cars and commercial vehicles and is among the foremost players in its segment. Other products include pistons for two-cycle and compressor engines as well as large pistons for stationary, marine and locomotive engines.

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