What you can expect from us? Vocational training, Health and Provision

Riding the motorbike in Neuss, playing volleyball in St. Leon Rot, doing yoga in Neckarsulm. All our subsidiaries offer our employees various possibilities for recreation – and opportunities to get to know each other. Nothing unites a team more than a mutual goal. We pursue our goal by means of our various vocational training measures.

Vocational training

People with petrol in their blood despise standstill. You want to go further. And we support that. For example at our internal vocational training academy. It is aimed at all employees and offers seminars on the topics of internationalisation, technical and methodological expertise, and project management, among others. Our ”newcomer” workshops help new employees to get accustomed to the company very quickly. The Young Manager Programme and the Executive Development Programme prepare junior executives for the tasks of top management. Once they have arrived there, experiences and views on different subjects such as strategic thinking, operational steering and networking are exchanged in the Management Campus. In this way, everyone has the chance to improve themselves according to their wishes and skills. Rheinmetall Automotive makes you fit for your future. And not only mentally. In addition to the seminars, we offer various (preventative) health courses. Our health management at Rheinmetall Automotive goes way beyond jogging groups and yoga lessons.


From back therapy training through Nordic walking courses to nutrition counselling, we provide our employees with measures that are to strengthen their health. Further, we have a work group for addiction prevention here at Rheinmetall Automotive. It develops activities and measures which serve to prevent addictions and to quench addiction sequelae. Information campaigns raise awareness of this subject.


An expert team continuously analyses the working conditions, eliminates safety hazards, informs about protective measures and improves the ergonomics and safety in the workplace. We also support employees who want to return to work after prolonged temporary disability in the form of confi dential conversations and individual measures to prevent the recurrence of the disease.

From occupational safety through nutrition courses and physical training courses to provision and reintegration management: Health coordinators, which are at your disposal at every Rheinmetall Automotive location, are very busy people. And they always come up with new initiatives. ”To KS by bike”, for example. Or regular health days with topics like ”Stress relief and ergonomics” or ”Water and such.” At many locations, jogging and walking groups have formed. Yoga classes and autogenic trainings help to relax. Regular motorcycle trainings provide the much needed safety and fun.

As you can see, our employees are important to us. We want to provide you with an environment which connects work and life, supports great colleagueship and makes you feel fully content about your job. If we do succeed at that – well, that you should find out for yourself.

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